Month: August 2016

Casino games for beginners

OK, you have already read through the previous articles in peace and finally want to play. That’s understandable, but … yes, yes, of course there had to be something else to do before we could start. Find out which game suits you personally and where you can use the best chances of winning effectively. But how do you determine which online casino game is the “right one”? With such a large selection of different providers and developers of online games you lose the overview as a newbie and may even feel helpless. But even here there is a solution – an overview of the games, their preferences and what type of player they are best suited. However, before we look at the individual games, our tip is to try the simplest categories like Slots, Roulette, Blackjack, Video Poker or Craps. After gaining some experience, you can dare to play more exotic games or more complex game variations. Let’s start with the slots and slot games. I am sure that some of you have tried your luck in the Eckkneipe on one of the many Merkur slot machines. In these games, no matter in which variant, it depends on pure luck and nothing else. It does not help push the keys at certain intervals or manipulate its coins somehow with the help of magnetic tricks to influence the game result. The coin is thrown into the slot of the slot machine (hence the name Slot) and presses the start button Merkur slot machines, as well as very popular pub slots in the UK, have a start and stop button, but the principle is always the same The results are determined randomly. Nothing ventured nothing gained; and you should not really have any fear of turning the roulette wheel. Roulette offers good odds or odds, but also has a huge house edge. However, many players do not let their house edge stop them trying their luck again and again. In a way, roulette has a certain fascination. The gameplay is simple. A wheel with 37 notches numbered from 0 to 37, a ball thrown into the already moving roulette wheel, and the multitude of different bets on the expected result. Rien ne va plus, nothing works anymore. It should be noted that American roulette has the 0 and 00 in comparison to European roulette; Craps is one of the other games that is especially popular with beginners. It also has a lower house edge compared to most other games. Craps score is determined by throwing two dice. The player can bet against other players or against the house. You place your bets on a table or directly on the table where the possible combinations and payout ratios are printed. Alternatively, and we agree, you should play blackjack as a beginner. It is one of the most exciting and probably most famous card games associated with casinos and casinos. The rules are simple – each player gets dealt two cards and the goal of the game is to get as close to the card hand value of 21 (or exactly 21) as possible and beat the house. The course of the game and winning a blackjack round depend on the coincidence but also the decisions of the player. Comparable odds and decisions that are important for the gameplay can also be found in video poker. Video poker is basically the perfect combination of poker and slot games. No matter which of the online casino games you ultimately choose, it is important that you have a lot of fun and use the odds effectively.