Day: October 4, 2016

Casino Math

On this site and in the article, learn the art of casino mathematics for a better understanding of what’s behind the odds, odds and house edge. You really do not need to be a math genius to do these simple calculations and calculations. Furthermore, I have explained all the steps in detail and presented understandable. Mental mathematics to be ahead in online gambling The wonders of mathematics; Without them, one could not perform engineering skills. With the help of mathematics, you can also increase his chances of winning in the online casino and in return just to be able to minimize his losses that you will suffer. Knowing how to calculate and calculate the odds and odds, it is possible to perform effective bankroll management and, in most cases, leave the online casino as the winner at the end of a game session. How to calculate the average expected profits The formula for calculating the average expected profits (or losses!) Is really easy. Do not worry about it or worry about it – it’s really easier than algebra or logarithms. OK, the calculation and calculation in detail: The average bet multiplied by the hours played, times the game speed (the game decisions per hour) multiplied by the house edge give the average expected profit or loss. Here is an example from blackjack: If you play blackjack with an average bet per hand worth € 10 for one hour using a blackjack strategy table (about 80 play decisions per hour) with a house edge of 0.5%, then that is Expected profit or loss € 4. (€ 10 average bet x 80 game decisions x 1 hour x 0.5% = € 4). Incidentally, you can apply this formula to most other online casino games; But please do not expect that this theoretical calculation will always be 100%, OK? The influence of chance or how fortune goddess Fortuna can influence the game It is in the nature of the game of gambling that it depends on the chance, the probability or the assistance of Fortuna whether you win or lose. Many games are pure games of chance where you have no influence on the game or the expected results. Games like blackjack, poker or video poker, however, allow you to soften the factor of chance with your game decisions a bit. Specifically, this means in the games mentioned – the house edge changes after each game decision again; he can raise himself, or he can be pushed down. The mathematics of gambling for the calculation of the bankroll The above formula also helps you to calculate or calculate the bankroll, how long and with what stakes you can play best in the online casino and at the same time to minimize the risk of loss. Although there is no such thing as a 100% solution, it does provide clues and clues about how to calculate your gaming budget, get on with it, and finally play responsibly and smartly.