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One of the main issues of concern with regards to playing in online casinos is about depositing money to the account and collecting winnings from it. In general, the processes involving them are mostly the same in all online casinos. Players will first create an account with the online casino through the site or software. The deposited money will be accounted as the player’s play credits, account balance, or tokens. All of the player’s wagers will be deducted from the current account. In the past years, credit cards have been the major way of players to deposit money to their online casino accounts. But today, there are some credit card companies that are not processing funds for online casinos. Another problem is that even if some credit card companies allowed transactions for online casinos, they are imposing very high transaction fees that greatly affect the profits of online casinos. That is why other ways of depositing funds to your online casino account have been established. And this is good news to all online casino players because they already obtained a wide range of selection in depositing funds to their account. The following are the common alternative ways to deposit funds to your online casino account: Online casinos have been accepting money transactions from Western Union and other wire transfer companies for many years now. And it is only recently that this way of depositing funds to online casino is being greatly emphasized. An Internet payment company known as NetTeller is also an alternative way to deposit fund to your account. You need to create an E-cash account with NetTeller that is definitely independent from your online casino account. You can then transfer funds to your online casino and your winnings can also be received through your E-cash account. Paypal is another quick way to fund your account in online casinos and is actually a payment system that is e-mail based. Once you have created your own Paypal account, you can then send and receive money from your online casino through your account. ACH Transactions, also known as Automated Clearing House or in other words, electronic checks will also allow you to send a virtual check directly to your online casino using your checking account without having to physically write or send a check. ACH will work well if you will send a written authorization to the online casino containing your banking information for them to create an account. Once an account was already established, the flow of money transactions to and from the online casino will become quick and easy. ATM cards can also be use to deposit funds to your online casino account. The transaction is pretty secure due to the presence of PINs and the processing fee is bearable for the part of the online casino. You can expect that in the coming months and years, more ways of depositing funds will be available for online casino players. Making cashing in and out of funds to be very efficient for all.


There are reported incidents wherein a casino player has been robbed without even noticing it until one check his or her things. This robbery is quite common in a casino. We know that we are living in a not so perfect world and we should always be careful with ourselves as well as with our personal things. The common style of these robbers is that there will be someone who will bump an individual and obviously the said individual will be surprised and distracted as well. Then there is another one who will try to open the victim’s bag while he or she is distracted. These robbers are professionals that they could get your wallets in just a few seconds. Most of the victims of these robberies are women because they usually get distracted easily especially when being bumped. The old women are also one of their targets since they can easily be distracted. The robbers preferred place of target is usually a place with lots of people and as well as a crowd with enough money on their bags and wallets. Casino is one of the robbers favorites spot since they feel that they have more chances of stealing people money because the crowd here is very busy playing the game. As players in casinos, we always have information on how to play a game correctly and strategically but we do not have enough information on how we can protect ourselves from these bandits or criminals. We should always be aware that there 2 methods or ways on how we can lose money inside a casino and these are either losing in a game or being victimized by opportunistic robbers. There are ways on how we can protect ourselves from these bad guys inside the casinos. First is that we should always be on guard about our personal belongings. Do not place you wallets in the back pockets. As much as possible you should always place you belongings in front of you to ensure that you will not be robbed. For women, you should never place your purse on a place where you cannot see it while playing like for example on the floor or drink shelf. Players should also be careful with the watchers wherein they are closely watching the game from you shoulder. You have the right to ask these people to back off a little. These are some tips that a player should remember whenever playing in a casino. It is fun to play in a casino but it is also nice to play while keeping one’s personal belongings secured.